Cant decide witch deal to go with

Hi every one I am building my first gaming pc. i have been searching on new egg for good deals trying to save as much money as i can. this is the first deal i found

i was originally liking this, because even though the power supply is a bit over kill, i know that i would be able to use the case and the power supply in the future when all the other parts have changed. i had also decided to get the gtx660 graphics card.
well earlier i was able to find another deal
this deal i am not so sure about, you get a smaller case(that still seems to be a good case) along with a toned down power supply, witch really is not a big deal, but your getting i higher end mother board. one half of me says to get the second one because of the performance side, but the other half tells me to get the first one, so i will have quality parts way in the future after the internals have been outdated
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  1. I never really liked these DIY kits, they seemed to be really overpriced and have some pretty expensive useless stuff. But if you're asking which one is the better deal, I'd have to go with the one being sold for $1115. First is a computer being sold for around $760, subtracted 165 because of mouse keyboard and pad, they're not actually contributing to the computers performance, so I omitted the price. The second deal you listed is being sold for as it is priced, for it isn't being sold with extras ($1115). So the actual price difference is around $355. The computer not only has better hardware(Mobo and RAM), but also has the 660 ti, which is for $300 alone. I might be wrong, oh well these are my thoughts about these. But I honestly think both prices are overpriced.
  2. I'm also in the process of upgrading my pc for gaming, streaming, photoshop and video editing.
    The i5-3570k Ivy is a great budget cpu and is also what I am also going to get, if you want to save about $30 the i5-2500k is not much of a decrease in performance.
    The GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD3H is a good choice, I have been reading tons of reviews on the z77 (budget) boards.
    I have chosen the ASRock z77 extreme4
    The z77 has some features I personally will use.

    z77 reviews,3187.html

    I read through both review links and it really helped clear up a lot of questions for me, it's worth the read!

    For your SSD, I would use
    You can compare two different SSD's, CPU's or GPU's and then look at the prices. You could get a 240gig SSD for just a bit more :D

    Check your Memory and make sure it's on the QVL - Qualified Vendors List.

    The second build you have has 16gb's of ram, That is way to much for gaming. You will not see a difference in speeds, fps etc with that much ram.
    1600mhz 8 gigs max for gaming! You will also be able to use photoshop and some decent video editing with just 8gigs! The cpu and gpu are the top two things that you will see performance boosts from.

    The 1st build is just as good as the second build and cheaper! If you really have your heart set of the keyboard and mouse I would look around for better prices or different options.

    Check out
    Customizable mechanical keyboards.
    For $20 more on a keyboard you could customize it, they have high quality parts and also if any keys get old and worn out you can order just 1 key from them! :D
  3. go with the second deal, much better for value!
  4. Yeah, I didn't see the gpu on the second build.
    I remember once when I bought a $400+ card about 5 years ago, what a waste.
    I would try to find something around $200 max you can always OC it. Unless your really looking for insane frame rates. Or would just settle for great frame rates...
    $100 case is about right imo.
    The z77 sabertooth is nice, but a lower end z77 will work just as well.
    I bought a fancy mobo years ago an ASUS rampage formula at the time. It was pricey. Had a lot of fancy options etc. I fiddle with some of them for awhile and then never again.
    If your just using this for gaming, a standard z77 at a better price will fit you better.

    If you have money to blow go for it :D
    "Weakest link in the chain" is how I think about it.
    Save some money on just 8gigs of ram and a more standard mobo and you can get a $200+ gpu! :D
  5. Yeah both these builds have expensive hardware unnecessary for gaming. I advise you save yourself some money and find something cheaper that'll perform just as well. Although, I did tell you my opinion about which one of the deals you listed above was better for the money, in the case that you already have these two as your only options.
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