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So, my old rig is coming on 6 years old and im thinking of doing a new build. my main question is do i spend the extra money to go

socket 2011 and SB-E, or 1155 and ivy bridge. my only reasoning behind 2011 is that it would allows me to upgrade to IB-E in the

future and not need to buy another motherboard. however, going 1155 and IB will save me the money to put into a SSD and better

graphics. I do a lot of GoPro editing and CAD/Revit work, but also play games. what do y'all think?Clearly, Budget is question here, but if

I'm not going to see a huge jump going to 2011 id rather not spend the money.
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  1. For the type of work you do and for the purpose the new build is intended, LGA 2011 would be my choice.

    You will also get quad channel memory with the 2011 instead of dual channel memory with the 1155 (more PCIe lanes too for your rendering).
  2. yes, go with 2011. you dont need a 3970X n all. A 3930K would do...
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