Screen blinks, then in a few moments wireless connection fails

Hello all - I'm running Windows 7. As stated in the title, once I see the screen blink, I know I have a few moments of connectivity left. The screen will continue to blink, then the wireless network connection icon goes red with an "x" through it. The computer continues to work (albeit with the screen blinking), but with no connection to the Internet. Checking Device Manager indicates no conflicts. Manually pressing the "wireless connectivity button" on this Compaq, which shows green=connected, only turns it red for a second, then back to green as if the adapter is enabled. Doing this prior to the blink-failure cuts the wireless connection as it should. Any ideas what is causing this? I added iTunes about a month ago, the problem started about two weeks ago.
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  1. I forgot to mention, upon rebooting, the PC will work normally the rest of the day. It is set to sleep after five hours. The blinking problem occurs shortly (15 minutes or so?) after waking up.
  2. Thanks for telling about the reboot, that helps...oh wait, it's still me...
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