Need Advice on 40" TV for monitor/old TV replacement

Hello all!

I need some advice. My ancient 19" flat-panel monitor and my ancient 32" LCD TV are currently dying, and I'm looking to replace them both with a 40" LCD TV. Long story short, I'm looking to run all my electronics through this single display, my PC, Blu-ray player, a 360/PS3, and of course other HDMI components.

Now, I do a bit of web surfing (nothing major, mostly just social media/forums/freaking Reddit LOL), so I need a TV that's going to be able to display text reasonably well as well as have a decent picture for gaming/HD movies. My old 32" LCD TV wasn't the greatest when it came to text but I'm looking to replace both my monitor and TV with a single display so the new one will have to be. As 30" monitors cost a fortune, unfortunately that's out of the question, plus I'm looking for a display in the 40" to (at most) 50" range that can take multiple inputs as well as output a digital signal to a 7.1 home theater unit.

My budget is $600-$800 (although I can go as high as $1,000 if need be) and I'm looking to purchase in the next 3-4 weeks (when I get my taxes back). I'm of course open to buying online, but a 40" TV seems like one of those things that's gonna kill me as far as getting it shipped, and I've never purchased anything that large online before so any tips or recommendations as far as that goes is very welcome. I don't even know where to start...unfortunately, the capability of a TV as a computer monitor isn't often talked about in advertising materials, and short of lugging a laptop down to Best Buy and begging them to let me hook it up to their displays, I don't really know what else to do to find something that's gonna work well enough that surfing the web isn't going to make my eyes cross or my head explode.

Plus (and this probably goes without saying), it needs to be 1080p for both TV and computer usage. Many of the TVs I see are 1080p but for whatever reason run at 1360x768 resolution via their PC inputs. My AMD 7770 outputs an HDMI signal so I'd be looking for at least 3 HDMI inputs; computer, game console, and Blu Ray Player (although more would obviously be preferable for expansion down the road).

Thanks for any advice you guys can give, I'm so lost! :(
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  1. There are probably numerous TV out there that will do the job, especially if you are running on HDMI.

    I have a 42" LED @ 120Hz Toshiba in my great room connected via HDMI to my business computer in my basement office. I use this primarily for streaming video in my great room. I simply duplicated my display so the same desktop shows up on the TV. The one thing that I noticed when I duplicated my desktop display onto the TV is that it doesn't fill the entire screen. I can adjust for this by changing the picture size via the TV but the task bar is cut off half way. I sure that I can adjust for this in the Catalyst control center but just haven't go around to it.

    If you are using this for you primary monitor it should not be a problem however. I have my son's computer connected to a 24" monitor via HDMI at 1080p (1920 x 1260) and the desktop is just fine. Just get good HDMI cables - 1.4 HMDI. I get my from Monoprice. I found they have the best prices. Some suggestions would be metallic high speed (red) or slimline high performance with Redmere Technology (Red & Black).
    Both cables transfer video (1080p, 3D, up to 4K resolution, etc.) and high def audio depending on your cards capability. This is nice since you have only one cable to attach.

    It seems that my TV is no longer available but the newer ones should be in your price range and include 4 HDMI inputs, 2 USB inputs and a RJ45 input for ethernet. The RJ45 input is nice since you can connect the TV to your modem/router and access the preloaded software (Netflik, etc.).
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