Pentium 3 upgrade for compaq presario r3000 laptop

Hello just wondering is it possible to add Intel® Pentium® III 1GHz or faster processor, Intel® Pentium® 4 2GHz or faster
To my compaq presario R3000 laptop?
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  1. What processor is installed? You normally can't install a faster processor unless both the mottherboard and BIOS support it.
  2. Hi

    Pentium III socket is completely different to Pentium 4 Socket (actually there were 3 different P4 sockets)
    Laptop cpu's usually used different sockets to desktop cpu's

    Googling got this

    The Compaq Presario R3000 utilizes a single-core, 1.6 GHz Athlon 3000+ processor and 256MB of DDR SDRAM. The Athlon processor uses less energy than Intel processors, lending the three-hour battery life of the Compaq laptop.

    about only reasonable upgrade would be more RAM

    sometimes there are similar model names for AMD & Intel versions
    Device Manager will show current CPU type
    CPU-z will show more details

    Mike Barnes
  3. Yes you will find the pins on a P3 vs a P4 and the socket to take them simply do not match.
    So your sort of out of luck there, in order to do it, it would mean having to buy a new board. And if you think about it for the hassle you better off buying a new Cpu and the board to go with it, giving you more upgrade options. I think it`s time you though about doing a serious upgrade of the components it would be worth far more to you to go that route, in the long run don`t you think. Think of the plus side to doing it.
    Faster Cpu, more memory, larger storage. better connectivity, if a laptop.
    Even a P4 cpu wont make it much more better for running things today.
  4. Even if you can, it wouldn't be worth it. Just get a new computer if you can afford it
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