Google won't load without proxy


In every browser no matter wich, I can't load google without proxy.
For example, in Opera browser if I turn on "Opera Turbo", it loads google because I think it acts like a proxy but without it, even Opera wont load google.

I am sorry if I posted in the wrong place, as I couldn't think of a better place and I will greatly appreciate any answers.
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  1. Hi,

    I have Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 (legal licensed) and have also fully scanned my PC recently... I have updated the virus database now and will let it do a full scan again, but I don't think it will fix my problem anyways.

    However thanks for the reply, I appreciate it so much.
  2. Uh, it seems it's not about the proxy...

    I've just disabled Opera Turbo and Google now loads without Turbo On, but it won't with either Firefox or IE!
    Same goes with many other sites (e.g. even this topic, or facebook)

    Bitdefender full scan is in progress... Let's see if it detects any virus.
  3. Seems it was just a cache, I still need Opera Turbo to open google/facebook/...

    Bitdefender full scan detected 1 threat and fixed it, gonna try the other softwares in the linked topic and see how it goes.

    Any other ideas?
  4. I have discovered that I don't have this problem while running Safe Mode, google opens fine in firefox but only in safe mode.

    Any solution is greatly appreciated...
    I have done 2 steps of the malware removal process by the way, gonna do the rest and see if it fixes the problem.
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