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In my desktop PC, I am running windows 7 64 bit. My wireless card (Linksys Compact Wireless-G Network Adapter) had been working just fine. Then it randomly was no longer able to find any wireless networks on my PC.

- I at first thought that I may be in a dead zone, but I can get access in the same spot through a laptop.

- I thought my wireless card may have gone bad, but I have been able to get internet access through it on a different PC

- I thought my USB port may have been dead, but I tried it in multiple ports, and under my Network and Sharing Center It still reads the card, but it just says it can't find any wireless networks.

I ran diagnostics on my computer and it says everything is fine.

I live in a college dorm, and I'm not allowed to mess with the access point, so any suggestions that involve working with the access point won't work here. Nobody else who uses the same access point seems to be having issues lately.
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  1. If you're using the Linksys software, try using Windows Wireless Zero.

    If you're using Windows Wireless Zero, try using the Linksys software, or try stopping and restarting the service. To do this:

    1. Press or click the Windows logo button
    2. Type in "services"
    3. Press the Enter key
    4. Look for Windows wireless service
    5. Stop it
    6. Restart it
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