is the Antec Three Hundred a good case

im going to be using the Asus GTX660 Ti

will it fit and will i be abe to put 3 hard drives in it i have 2 desktop drives and a laptop's drive i would like to put the other 2 for extra storage if possible i chose the antec cause its a bit cheaper then the cooler master
HAF 922

if anyone can give me input on these cases i like the antec being a bit cheaper cause my computer's total right now is about 1050$ and i really did not want to go up to 1100 mark but if it the antec wont be able to fit the role i guess ill have to just need some advice dont want to order it and find out that everything wont fit
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  1. Trust me, Take the cooler master. You never know you're gonna need the extra space.
    + it will be easier to keep things at low temperatures.
  2. +1 to collector97 .. buy it once and keep the skin on your hands :)
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