Reccomended cube or small smart durable cases

I've been a Coolemaster case fanboy for three or so year's now, having built four computer's with them.
However now with five almost and having one had a broken front end on shipping and numerous USB outlet issue's, i'm starting to look elsewhere.

Now this isn't to dis Coolermaster
I LAN a lot.
I LUG a lot. And to be fair and honest, a full tower that's twenty or so pound's is awkward and cumbersome.

I can't speak ofcourse for the USB issue's being semi permanent.
Durability and lift are important though.

A) So I was actually thinking about a more squarelike case than the rectangle's of today, that is, one more like a box.
Do these even exist, and are there any particularly well-made?

B) And if part A doesn't work above, then:
1) If i'm not using a water cooling system and not sporting many peripheral's, like ton's of storage, CD, or wireless add-on's; then can I go to a mid or even a small tower?
Using high end gfx card, a decent motherboard, CPU with aftermarket coolant, etc...?
2) Are there any super tough, smart, and easy carry case's or companie's reccomended?
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  1. Personally, I absolutely love the Bitfenix Prodigy.

    The only cube cases you're going to find are micro-ATX or mini-ITX; small form factor cases. However, that doesn't mean they're bad.

    I've got the Prodigy, a heavily overclocked i5-3570k on a custom loop, a heavily overclocked air-cooled GTX 670... And the entire thing has handles and is small enough to easily count as a carry-on on any airline. (If I remove the handles, it fits into my backpack. [But it's a large backpack.])
  2. For what you just told, the CM HAF XB suits you best, even though you had some bad experiences with some of their cases, the haf xb is a good one.
  3. Have you seen the new Abee cube case that just got posted? ....,20811.html
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