Best budget graphics card for my build?

Hi guys,

I would like some advice on what graphics card to buy for my system. I'm not a big gamer but would like a half decent graphics card to play some of the latest games like BF3 or MW3. I'm on a bit of a budget and don't really want to spend more than £100.

My system spec is as follows:

Intel core i5 2400 CPU
4GB RAM DDR3 1333MHz
Not entirely sure about the motherboard but I know it's a a Foxconn and has Intel H67 chipset.
400W PSU
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  1. For under 100, it gets pretty difficult. I'm not sure if you have Newegg in the UK, but here are a couple of good budget cards.

    The 7750 is probably the most powerful and power efficient of three, but the GTS 450 is surprisingly good too.
  2. Thanks stant1rm.

    I don't think we do have newegg in the UK but I will check out your recommendations anyway.
  3. No problem, enjoy your upgrade :)
  4. What is your PS? If it's a quality one like Seasonic, XFX, Antec, Corsair then you can get a HD 7770...about 95 pounds.

    If the 400 watt PS is a weaker brand, you probably want to stay with one of the HD 7750....for as low as 70 pounds.

  5. Thanks DavidY

    Yeah I think it's a fairly basic power supply. It's a Novatech brand which is the site I got the barebones system off. I was looking at the HD 7770 before. Would my PSU not be able to cope with this card do you think? Is there much difference in performance between the 7750 and 7770?
  6. The Radeon HD 7750 is the fastest graphics card you can get right now that doesn't require an auxiliary power input; it draws all that it needs from a 16-lane PCIe slot.

    Considering your power supply limitation, this is the card for you .
  7. Thanks, I will probably go for the 7750 then. Can anyone explain to me why the same model graphics card comes from different makes with varying prices? For example the 7750 can bought as MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, XFX etc and the prices can be significantly different. Is one better than the other? What should I go for?
  8. Asus and MSI tend to make cards that run cooler and are known for making very reliable GPU pretty much all are good but i don't think XFX is on the other brands you mentioned level one reason for why some are more then others is because they are factory overclocked anyway i would go with MSI,Asus or Sapphire those are all cards i have personally used and never had any issues with Gigabyte, XFX i have seen quite a few people have issues with cards made by those two doesn't mean they don't make good stuff though.
  9. Radeon HD7750

    I´d get more RAM (if it´s 64bit system) as 4GB might not be enough to play games like B3.
  10. That's a good point jemm thanks. I intend to get some more RAM in the future.
  11. I play BF3 + Win 7 64-bit everyday with ease with 4GB of RAM. You should be ok.
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