I5-3570k temperature

Hello,i have a question about CPU named above.Yesterday i installed it into computer at first temperature in bios was around 35C.Then i noticed that temperature jumped to 42C after installed Win8 in bios not around 35C.Im kinda confused is this normal ?Anyone with more experience please help me couse im new at this.Cheers!

My specs:
Intel i5-3570k(orig cooler)
MSI Zh77a-g43
2x4gb dd3 1600mhz
Kingston SSD 60gb
Sapphire HD 7870
Computer box:Fractal Arc (installed 1fan front,1at top)
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  1. Temps are fine, things warm up with use. Let us know what your temps are like under load.
  2. Yep those are totally fine. It got warmer because the CPU was under a heavier load.

    Download and run Prime 95 for a few minutes and see what the temps are then - use CPU-Z or CoreTemp or something similar to monitor the temperature.
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