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New build - GTX 670 or AMD 7970

0I am planning on doing a new computer build and I am not which card I should get. I had originally planned on going for a GTX 670 until I saw an Asus Directcu II 7970 for $400 which pretty much puts it in line with the 670. I am wondering how some of the 670 cards around $400 stack up against this 7970. I plan on overclocking the card I end up getting as high as I can and I don't plan on doing any multiple card setups in the future. So should I buy one of the 670's or the Asus 7970.
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  1. if you plan on overclocking the card to its limits, the 7970 will scale much better
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    The HD 7970's performance competes with the GTX 680 (with the newer drivers). For $400, I'd go with the HD 7970.
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  4. I would get the 670 but you can't go wrong either way.
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