PSU failed paperclip test; does this mean for sure it died?

So my PC stopped working this morning. The computer just shutdown suddenly on its own; at first I thought the power had gone out, but after checking inside my computer, I saw my motherboard power LED was off. I tried replugging my PSU but the mobo LED would not turn on nor would the computer start.

So I tested my PSU (Seasonic M12II 620 Bronze) with the paperclip test, and it failed. The fan doesn't start spinning at all. Then I retried the test after plugging in my case fans to give it some load. Still no luck.

Is it safe to assume that I have a faulty PSU? I've barely finished building this PC about 3 weeks ago and have been using it since then, but I didn't do anything different or out-of-the-ordinary with it this morning when it shut down. I have no idea why it suddenly shut down in the first place, either. Thanks for your time.
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  1. Assuming you are sure that you shorted the correct leads and the power cord is good, then the PSU is definitely dead.
  2. i would say yes it failed and thats really depressing since seasonic is one of the best PSU manufacturers but no one is perfect.

  3. Yes, I have been planning on an RMA but wanted to ask the community one last time before just to confirm the PSU is dead.
  4. ok, but do not do anything that may void the warranty!

    i myself would want to open it up and have a look see . .
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