Beeps once, no video signal at boot

I just got a older presario 1.8 sempron going with a new maxtor 300gb eide HD. It ran fine the first night after a fresh install of xp home. SR1610nx

As I pushed the sleep button on the keyboard, it gave a windows warning sound and went to sleep.
I noticed that the front green light did not blink sleeping like my SR1514nx that I had been using does do.(different Motherboard but same sempron 1.8)

The next day it booted up from sleep. The high speed on the fans did not slow down. I ran firefox for a few minutes, closed it to boot up aol desktop. Then it started locking up. I tried to shut it down. Had trouble with that. ... I may have ended up unplugging it.

Now at power on , the screen gets NO signal, and the MB. gives intermittent 1 beep. HD sees to spin, but doesn't sound like it's working too hard to load up. The fans have slowed down at start.
I need to unplug to make it go off.
What I have done:
1. replaced ram sticks with one 512 ,and then swapped a 1G. Same problem
2. swapped out the PSU, 250w bestech with a brand new antec earthwatts 380w. Same problem.
3. swapped out the processor 1.8 sempron with a compatible 2.2 athalon same socket. same problem.
4. Before the new OS install and the one night of running, we found 3 bad MB capacitors and replaced them.
I also installed a 92mm case fan BEFORE the whole install.

I also have just installed a new cmos battery but the old one checked out at 3.05V,
and my normal computer battery was at 2.29 about,, I replaced it. Was not having problems.
A new 2032 gave me 3.24V. or so.

My go to guy, thinks the south bridge took a puke. Or im thinking the onboard video?
Any other ideas to check out?
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  1. Sounds like the motherboard crapped out to me. It could be the onboard video, but the problem is that if it was, buying a dedicated card isn't going to do much good without needing to use the onboard video to get into the BIOS to tell the computer to use the dedicated card. So either way, replace the motherboard.
  2. I got the computer to go on again. I put in a gforce 7200 video card and changed the cmos to pcie, and loaded the drivers and had it all going just fine. Shut down, it gave another warning sound, and next day, come to turn it back on, and now have the same problem.. no vid. signal. and a beep. The only thing I saw on both shut downs warning was maybe a missing dll file. but the screen went off at shut down too fast to read it all. I've been hearing about ram sticks needing cleanning/connections to help solve this as well. So I will try that as well.
  3. Im going to try and give some ram contacts some cleanning. I've done things like this before and it sometimes works. If all else fails, since there was some possible missing file,, I could wipe and re-install the OS. Or maybe even plug in a different HD that works.
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