Need to know if my setup can handle an upgrade

So, I'm wanting to play Guild Wars 2. I already pre-purchased it. The thing is that my graphics card hasn't been working so well, lately, and I found out that it's not really a good card to be playing GW2 on. I have Geforce GT 520.. Yeah, not so good. So, I want to upgrade to, say, a 550. Would my processor be good enough for that? My processor is a Pentium Dual-Core E5400 @2.70 GHz. Is my processor powerful enough for both the 550 and Guild Wars 2? Please reply. Thanks.
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    Your processor is very not-so-good. There isn't really anything you can do about that without upgrading the whole platform though. Buying a gtx 550 ti should allow you to play guild wars 2 with acceptable framerates.
    If you simply want it playable and need nvidia-based gpus, go with the 550 ti.
    If you are willing, the 7770 is more powerful at the same price.
    If you want to upgrade the whole platform, you could go for a i3-2120, 2x2gb of ddr3-1333 ram, and the asrock h61m-dgs motherboard, along with a better gpu like the 7770.
  4. Can you tell me what the name and wattage of your power supply is, and also if it has a pci-e power cable? Depending on it's wattage you might need to go with a 7770 or a 7750.
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    Drakthuran said:

    that is an excellent choice
    just make sure your psu can handle it
    good luck!
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