Need Help Replacing an Inspiron 560 with a new build.

*** EDIT: Decided to make this a new build and give the 560 to grandma.

Parts as of now:

- Thermaltake V3 Black Edition (
- 430W Corsair CX430 PSU (
- 128 GB Plextor M5S SSD
- Windows 8 Pro

Parts I need:

- CPU (originally selected a 1055T, so something comparable)
- Motherboard with at least 2 SATAIII and HDMI,DVI,RGB


Original Post:

Hello, I am looking for advice as I upgrade my Dad's slow Inspiron 560.
The reason for the upgrade is the painfully slow CPU (Intel Celeron 450) that makes even web surfing frustrating.

My goal is for the PC to be lightning fast for his web surfing, but also capable of playing some games as well.

I am considering buying a used Phenom II x6 1055T and ASUS M4A89GTD PRO ( for $100 on craigslist, throwing in my extra 128 GB SSD, and eventually maybe a cheap video card.

- I am not 100% sure that the ASUS motherboard will fit in the 560's small case. According to Belarc Advisor, the 560's motherboard is "018D1Y A00", but I can't find any information about it on the web so I am not sure of its form factor. It looks to be about ATX size, but it might be a little smaller.
I would like to know: Is the 560's motherboard ATX? (I want to replace it with an ATX mobo so I hope it is)
If I need a larger case, do you have any recommendations for a good, cheap case?

- The main monitor is a 14.9" 4:3 E153FP (according to Belarc), but it only has a VGA connector and nothing else.
How would I connect the monitor to the new Motherboard that, AFAICS, has only HDMI, DVI, and RGB ports on it?

- Any other recs for CPU and /or Mobo would also be appreciated.

- Also looking for a ~$50 graphics card.

- EDIT: The PSU in the 560 is 300W. Will that be enough for the 1055T? I know I'll need a bigger one eventually if I add a video card though, so any recs on a cheap, reliable PSU would also be appreciated
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  1. RGB = VGA! Teh monitor will connect easily. According to Dell, this model came with up to an Intel Core2 Quad. All together it might be cheaper to get a Core2 + the SSD?
  2. ha. That's a big relief!

    It's good to know that there are some decent options for the 775 socket but I'm not seeing good prices for them right now. The best I see is $160 for a Q8300, but I will keep looking.

  3. The best Dell validated was the Dell N650J Yorkfield Quad Core Q9400 2.66GHz . Some users attempted to place stronger ones but it did not work properly. So 1055T is much better, and so on.....
  4. A few other thoughts. I would recommend getting new case vs placing non Dell motherboard into Dell case due to proprietary power on connector which has one multiple pin connector which has an extra wire for Dell diagnostics software, how this will react with non Dell MOBO no one knows. So if above mentioned CPU is achievable it would be the easiest and cheapest way.

    The best video card supported by Dell PSU is Sapphire 7750. It is a bit above your target price, but if you keep original MOBO and original case it would be about the same minus upgrade time and headache.

    So please decide, which way you want to go, keeping Dell MOBO and build around it, or get new MOBO and case. By the way, Dell MOBO is standard ATX board except power connector.
  5. Thanks to all for the responses.
    I have decided to buy a new case and PSU to make this a new build, and we'll just give the 560 to grandma to play Mahjong and card games.

    Case: Thermaltake V3 Black Edition (
    PSU: Corsair CX430 (
    total for both after $30 MIR = $36

    Still looking for a CPU & Mobo, as the guy on Craigslist has not responded back yet.

    Looking for a good value here. Willing to spend upto ~ $250, but would like to do it a little more cheaply if possible.
    *Unfortunately, I do not live near a microcenter.

    One question I have now is: What range of GPUs will the 430W PSU support (assuming a 125W CPU)? Is 430W more than enough for a mid-tier GPU?
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