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I've just bought a molex adaptor and I realised that one of the holes from the adaptor doesn't have a conductor through it(it's just plastic). I've tried the adaptor anyway on my dvd writter and it work's. I even connected the other 3 wires without the faulty wire and it Still works. My question is.... What is the purpose of that wire and if it's safe to use the molex adaptor.? I'm talking about the black wire near the yelow wire.
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  1. It`s just the way it`s wired, molex plugs drive a device that require a 5v power feed or a 12v power feed. since your device is a cd or dvd rom drive it requires a 12v DC feed. it`s fine don`t worry. Black, red = 5v feed. black, yellow =12v feed.

    normaly two blacks and a red and yellow for 12v and 5v feed from the molex connector.
  2. Those black wires are ground wires, the yellow wire is 12v the red wire is 5v.
  3. the each black is the ground wire. the yellow is the 12 volt that would spin the DVD driver (the motor)

    i guess if it works . . .
  4. Weaselman beat me to it. +1
  5. All is fine, however you simply cannot run a 5v device if required. Sorted. :)
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