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I was wondering if this CPU cooling system would fit within the "HP Envy h8-1414". It has a mid-sized tower, with a default mother board.

It's quite cramped where the current heat sink is, and the stock cooling system is also quite small. I was wondering, because of the size of this device, would it fit within this case?

Also, for future reference, are all sockets for CPUs the same size for their heat sink counter parts? E.g, if the AMD A3+ socket was within this machine [which it is], would any heat sink that fit that socket work with the motherboard, and or case regardless, due to its pre-made compatibility?

Thank you so much.

-Benjamin Young
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  1. Your case is a little narrower than my old Diablotek legend case, and I couldn't run a 212 in that case.

    I was able to fit this:

    -with plenty of room and the temps were within a few degrees of the 212 I used when I got a new (bigger) case.

    You also do not have to remove the motherboard for the TX3.
  2. But will it fit the socket I need? It doesn't say it supports the AM3+
  3. Yes.

    One is mounted on top of a 4100 right now. (In a rig I built / overclocked for one of my son's friends.)
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