Random insert pixels after auto overdrive 2x5770 crossfire + 5470

Have 6 display workstation,
not using eyefinity so have 2 monitors each on a pair of 5770 and a 5470.

One weekend I decided to see what the performance specs were on Cat Center Overdrive

I decided what the heck auto tune

Since then I have been experiencing a random insert of horizontal pixels on random screens depending on where flash is running.

I knocked the GPU clock down from default, which seemed to work for a little while but at this point I am going nuts when this happens.

I have uninstalled CCC and reinstalled drivers with no improvement. I see no performance setting changes from default settings. In 24 months of having system I have not had a problem since running the auto tune feature.

The system is running full stock everything

Any direction on resolution would be greatly appreciated.


Mobo/Laptop: P6X58D Premium
BIOS: AMI 0703
CPU: I7 930
RAM: 2xOCZ3P1366LV6G
Vid: 2xSapphire 5770 Vapor 1 Gig 860Mhz reduced to 825Mhz memory 1200 Mhz
HD 5470 650Mhz reduced to 625Mhz memory 400Mhz
PSU: ******* CMP850 HX
2x Samsung F1 RAID HE 103UJ 1T;
Samsung Spinpoint F3EG HD203WI 2T backup
OS: Win 7 Ultimate 64
Stock clocking no overclock
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  1. Auto tune programs are the bane of tech support everywhere (along with Acer, HP, and Toshiba). These programs are often extremely careless and have been responsible for numerous damaged components. I hate to be the one to say it but if the only way to get rid of the random glitches is to downclock then something has been damaged and will need to be replaced.
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    Unplug all of your GPU....

    run internal vga for one boot, and uninstall the driver (or if u decide to run clean install os)

    reinsert the gpu one by one (insert one and run the os install the driver and insert another one later), if you lucky it will reset whatever changed by auto tune..

    It almost same case with failed O.C.

    edit: u may wanna swap the slot/position of the 5770...
  3. Finally was able to do a clean UNINSTALL
    Organize Desktop displays

    Successfully running flawlessly again.

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  5. Glad to hear it all work out.
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