Windows 7 BSOD's on startup

Hi All,

I recently replaced my motherboard/CPU. I now have a Bulldozer FX-6200 with Gigabyte 990XA-UD3.

I was having issues with crashes and after various OS reinstalls, I finally got it to a particular state that it would not change. This was not ideal however. As this state meant that when it booted, it would hang at the 'starting windows' screen. I then had to manually restart it around 5-6 times, where it would do the same thing, I would then leave it for 30-45 mins, and then when trying to turn on, it generally booted.

I cannot run Prime95, my case is very cool, HDD around 25 celsius, CPU around 25 celsius. Prime 95 crashes either within seconds or within minutes and as I said, CPU temps never topped 50 celsius.

I have recently bought a new PSU, as my old one was not very good quality and i believed it to be that.

This is where I would appreciate some help. As the new PSU did not fix it, it has made a noticeable difference. The main one being it boots almost everytime now. When it doesnt, it seems to be BSODing with a memory dump and generic, useless, Microsoft error code.

I have tried a million OS reinstalls, my OS image is fine, all of these components were fine before I replaced the mobo/CPU.

Please help any advise is greatly appreciated!!!

Many thanks!!
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