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What gpu for 120-220

Hello there, I was looking at some parts for a friend and I was wondering what gpu would be best for 120-220 dollars.

The spec of his computer are:
Amd 965
Asus m4a87td
8gb ripjaw
500gb 7200 Hard Drive
1600x900 19" monitor

Btw i have been looking at these cards:
GTX 460
GTX 470
GTX 480
GTX 550ti
GTX 560
GTX 560ti
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  1. AMD/ATI is a choice too. The GTX 560 Ti is the best choice of them all, but if you want raw performance, GTX 480 (extremely hot) is your go. I would personally recommend the HD 7850.
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    Best cheap card: 550 Ti
    Best Value: 560 Ti OR 480

    If it was me, I would go with the 560 Ti because it is a great all around card. The 480 also provides lots of horse power for the price but it would be my second pick. The 550 Ti is probably the best value gaming card you can get (well maybe the 7770). But only get that if you have to because if you can spend a little more, you have lots more options.
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