Graphics card not being recognized after reformat

So I got the BSOD and did a fresh install of Windows 7 back on my desktop computer. My monitor is plugged into my graphics card and the display works, but wont recognize the card. After I download and install the latest Nvidia drivers it says

"Nvidia installer cannot continue. The graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware."

No video card can be found the device manager neither. I have mobo to run PCI-E not on-board graphics. The fan is running and little green light is on also. Not sure if this is related but before I reformatted I used evga precision tool to overclock it, it crashed and after a system restore it would start, I would be bale to log into windows then about 10-30 seconds later it would go to the BSOD, then restart, I'd log on, then 10-30 seconds it would crash to BSOD repeating the loop. So this is why I decided to reformat (wanted a fresh install anyways)

Would an outdated mobo driver cause this? Any other advice? I've taken the card out, unplugged the power cords, switched card into both pci slots on the mobo, downloaded older drivers from evga and nvidia websites.

win7 64-bit
evga geforce gtx295
4gb ram
850w psu
msi 870a-g54 mobo

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  1. How are you seeing stuff on your monitor? Since you don't have a intrgrated GPU. Can you get in to the bios? If you can try to reset everything to default settings. If that doesn't work.

    Try to reset your Cmos by pulling out the silver dollar battery looking thing on the MOBO and wait ten min then put it back in. So the MOBO you have uses the PCIe and it goes through what?

    In other words how are you getting anything on your monitor to know it is not finding your card? Because in the bios you can disable the graphics that you are using to see what is on the screen.

    Another think you could try is to put another card from a friend or you take your card to them and see it you did something to your card from trying to OC it. No to the drivers causing BSOD.

    Even though they can help bring up a BSOD. Try what the suggestions if you have already tried then disreguard that and try to answer the questions I have asked for. Then we will go from there good luck.
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