Driver failer question

ok this may have been asked before

if your running a new install of windows 7 Fully updated and the MB bios at the highest version out there
and when ever u run a game on high graphics and u get quite a fps drop and a Video card driver fail
could that mean your power supply is not strong enough and or is failing as the moment as the driver fails and restarts normally u can run fine still

sorry if that was a noobish question im from the old area were single core cpus Ruled.

Fx 8120
1 ati 5870
1 250 gb hdd
1 1tb hdd
power color 650watt
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    There is no noob question. Asking questions is good. It 'could' be a power supply problem but it is not certain. 650W should be sufficient for your setup. Try updating the drivers, check the temperatures of cpu and gpu.

    - Fastreaction
  2. well i should mention i (stuped me i forgot to)

    im useing 2 1.3 amp 120 mm fans at full spin on a the 2 rads
    the unit is Liquid cooled

    and yes i do have the nest drivers

    the setup worked fine before on the phenom 4x 2.6ghz on the old mb but that board cant take more then 16 gb ram and i have on order 32

    i am thinking of just getting a 1000 watt on payday and say to hell with it

    it only fails when on full graphics playing second life or something simular

    oh and to mention i had added a seciond card at one point and all this started happening sence then
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