Help me choose a Graphics card please! <3

Okay, so I am in a big rush to get this PC finished, I am in Aus and my local shop is having a sale on just the Galaxy GTX 670, but there is also the Gigabyte 3gb 7950 OC. Right now, they are both the exact same price, they said that they have never heard of galaxy and it would be safer to go with the 7950, they also said that the 7950 will have better performance, I didn't want to just take their opinions, I want your amazing opinions too! I hope you guys can help :3
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  1. I think I would still go for the Galaxy GTX 670 instead of the 7950 since a GTX 670 is slightly better than a 7950. It is the same price so my vote goes to the Galaxy GTX 670.

    - Fastreaction
  2. Man, I was really leaning towards the Gigabyte 7950, I will probably OC it to around 1050mhz and it comes with 3gb memory whereas the 670 only has 2, I was going to get the 7950. But after reading forums and asking people, they say the 7950, I even asked a few computer shops and they said the 7950, I am so lost :'(
  3. Don't worry too much about the RAM. I would still prefer a GTX 670 over a 7950. Maybe you should check some benchmarks of the type of games you are going to play and decide that way.

    - Fastreaction
  4. Okay well here is the thing, I don't really need the best performance card, the most performance hungry thing I will be using it for is just playing bf3, will a 7950 oc to 900 play bf3 on ultra with around 60fps, if it does that, I am fine with it, I don't want a 670 if the 7950 will be fine with around 30-60 fps :) thankyou so much so far guys, really helpful :) !
  5. BF3? GTX 670 should do your job easily. It has better fps than a 7970 in BF3.

    - Fastreaction
  6. But the 7950 will be more reliable than a cheap brand 670, the 7950 also has a better warranty, so will the 7950 run bf3 ultra as well?
  7. That is true that the brand is more reliable. Yes the 7950 will run BF3 on ultra as well.

    - Fastreaction
  8. they are both capable, but in terms of which runs battlefield 3 better.. check this out,3232-8.html

    comparing GTX 670 and HD 7950

    GTX 670 eats less wattage... other statistics are interesting but GTX 670 wins to most of them.

    anyway, just go where your heart is at ease. they will both be fine for BF3 :)
  9. So what do you guys think, I need to make my decision, I am sort of leaning more towards the 670 now but I don't want it to break if it is a crap brand :(
  10. 7950 IS BETTER CHOICE .....
  11. How?
  12. Galaxy is not a cheap brand. HardOCP has a review and they really like it:

    "We think it is fair to say that GALAXY stepped up its game with the GALAXY GeForce GTX 670 GC, allowing it to match the performance of the GeForce GTX 680."

  13. Alright thank you very much, I have chosen the GTX 670 :)
    One more thing, is there a difference between G skill ares ram and G skill ripjaws, I didn't think there was but I found this forum and I don't understand what he is saying but it looks like something to do with voltage and he says it can break your cpu, which I don't want because I just bought a brand new 3770k
  14. The thing you want to look at is CAS latency. CAS 8 or lower is pretty good, 9 is okay if the speed is above 1600 mhz. The higher the speed the higher the cas needs to be, but still the lower the better. If you are looking at two different types of RAM, both the same speed, get the one with lower CAS Latency (CL or just "c" at the end of a serial number).

    You absolutely want to verify the RAM voltage your motherboard is rated for. For me, it's 1.65 volts tops, anything above that (older RAM) won't work.

    Be careful with the Ripjaws RAM if you have a large CPU cooler. The very tall RAM heatsinks may get in the way of the cooler. You should be able to remove the top part of the heatspreader if necessary. I think the Ares modules are low profile.
  15. So will 2x8 ares ram fit into a Asrock z77 extreme 4 with a h100 cpu cooler? Will they all be compatible?
  16. Caamdaddy said:
    So will 2x8 ares ram fit into a Asrock z77 extreme 4 with a h100 cpu cooler? Will they all be compatible?

    Oh yeah, no problem. The H100 takes up very little room around the CPU itself. I would have to see the stat sheet on your RAM and motherboard to know if they are compatible. I saw that G.Skill has a "RAM Finder" section on their website where you can get a list of compatible modules.
  17. Here's a list of supported memory for that bada** motherboard:
  18. Okay my ram is, G skill ares 16gb (2x8) and it says CL 10-10-10-30 1.50v. Is that okay?
  19. I think you're good to go. I didn't see that specific module on the list of compatible memory, but it should work fine. I'm assuming the speed is 2000+ mhz for the higher CL10? I think your voltage limit is between 1.4 - 1.65 volts.

    Be sure to set the XMP profile in the motherboard BIOS to ensure the RAM is running at its maximum stock speed with proper timings.
  20. It is only 1600mhz and it is CL10
  21. Caamdaddy said:
    It is only 1600mhz and it is CL10

    Mine is CL 8 @ 1600 mhz, and most seem to be CL 9. 10 seems high for 1600 mhz.
  22. I can't really find any, if I link you to a couple of sites could you look for a good set of ram for me please? :)
  23. Caamdaddy said:
    I can't really find any, if I link you to a couple of sites could you look for a good set of ram for me please? :)

    Go for it, but it'll have to be tomorrow.
  24. So this is the first one, just look for power supply on the left
    This is another shop that is down the road from my house, just look for case a power supply on the left
    And this is a shop that my dad works next to
  25. if you are going to OC, the 7950 will probably give you as good or better performance.
  26. But what if I OC the 670... It will be better than the 7950
  27. Caamdaddy said:
    But what if I OC the 670... It will be better than the 7950

    Yes it will be, GTX 670 is already better than 7950 at stock speeds. It would even be better when overclocked.
    check out the overclocked max clock speeds and max memory clock speeds an OCed GTX 670 can do compared to an OCed 7950 and other cards as well.

    note: GTX 670 was deemed to be so good, it blew off the suppose-to-be-better GTX 680 in terms of recommendations.
    quoted from,3200-17.html

    "We have every reason to recommend buying a GeForce GTX 670—even as an alternative to the GeForce GTX 680, which is marginally faster, but 25% more expensive."

    about your ram:
    is that is?

    Asrock z77 extreme 4 is listed in one of the qualified motherboards list so you don't need to worry.
  28. Alright cool, that was very helpful, thanks for that dude! <3
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