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Hi all and thanks for all future replies,
I am beginning my first gaming build. I am very young (only 13) and limited to a budget 0f around $600. I am expecting to be building ~March next year, so I can get both Christmas and birthday money. I have done much research, but still need some things cleared up.

I am hoping to play games such as Starcraft II, BF3, and a few not as graphics rich games. I like excellent qua lit graphics, and frame rates don't matter al long as they are above ~30-40.

I am thinking of going with the AMD FX 6100 6 Core Black Edition CPU, and a Asrock 970-EXTREME4 mobo to go with it. Is this a good choice, or should I take the i3? And the Sandy or Ivy, if so? The motherboard certainly looked good, but may not be so. Any experiences with it?

I am also hoping to get a Sapphire AMD 7770 GHz 1GB, which is excellent quality for price I believe. My ram is 1600MHz 8GB, and I have just a cheapish HDD. I still need some more recommendations. What should I do?

Oh and PS I'm Aussie so I can't go Newegg or similar :)

Thanks in advance
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  1. Oh and to add I would use this for basically only gaming, I have a mac for all that other stuff. I would use the computer quite regally, like every day. I also want it to as silent as possible, but maybe that is to much to ask for a $600 rig :)
  2. Honestly, its too soon to be planning now for a PC in March. Prices and products will change a lot between now and then.

    Have you already purchased memory and HDD or are those left over from a current rig? If you have an existing PC you could start incrementally upgrading toward the new PC.

    At the moment I would go with Intel, but that might be different next March! Edit: Ivy would be ideal, but if there is a cheaper sandy part ... we will see what sandy bridge parts are around in march!
  3. For just gaming you don't really need a six-core.
    I would go with the AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition if you're just looking to game.

    Are you looking to overclock?

    or SLI in the future?
  4. Overclocking isn't that important to me. I have a HDD from an older computer, but I guess I will have to wait a bit longer to see what happens.
  5. Snowy737 said:
    Overclocking isn't that important to me. I have a HDD from an older computer, but I guess I will have to wait a bit longer to see what happens.

    Sorry! Do keep in mind the fact that you can stagger the build at least a little bit though to spread our price ... If you have to put off the graphic card for a couple of months that seems worth it in order to have a functioning PC that can do some online games.

    Also - some of these parts you can purchase now, independently of your final build. Start looking for deals/high quality used parts for the Case and PSU (but only a high quality warrantied PSU). What you are looking for in these areas wont change.

    In the interim some other stuff to look at:

    Low end: ($500),3273.html

    Slightly higher end ($740 - I would not get the SSD in this)

    If I were shopping for a $600 gaming PC I'd probably balance it out something like this: $130 processor, $80 motherboard, $30 RAM, $170 graphics, $30 power supply and as little as you can on the hard drive, operating system, case + optical.
  6. Im telling you now, building in March? Plan in March. All your going to do is put "NEWPC IN LIKE 5 MONTHS SO EXCITED!" In your mind then get dissapointed by how long you actually have to wait.

    Anyways, the i3 2330 or whatever the IB name is, beats the FX. In terms of gaming, atleast.

    The 7770 will provide you about 30FPS on Ultra 1080P, not sure though since BF3 favors nVidia.
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