Should i upgrade my CPU or GPU

So my budget is higher than i thought when building my computer and im just at a tie in, should i get an i7 3770k or stick with my i5 3570k and just upgrade from gtx 660ti to a gtx 670? i know the only real difference between the 3570k and 3770k is it has a bit more threads but i am going to record as i did with my old pc, but i dont need the recording speed to be ultra fast, and i can deal with editing the is not instantaneous and super speed lol so im thinking about going for the gtx 660ti to the gtx 670 what do you guys think?
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  1. Do not get the i7 for gaming there is no diffrence. Why would you upgrade from a 660 ti it's a great gpu either sli your 660 ti ( get anthor 660 ti) or wait for the 7xx series
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