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I have an Enermax Platimax power source which I need to connect to my GTX 680. I'm looking at the specs on the power source, and there's connections (12 pin from source to GPU) that are 12V3, 12v4, v5, and v6. Now the GPU needs an 8 pin and a 6 pin connection. Would it be correct than to plug the power source into the 12v6?
Thanks for your time!
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  1. You should have 2 PCIe (labled as well) 6+2 connectors that are to be used to connect the 680 to the PSU (power supply). 6+2 connectors will fit into both 8-pin and 8-pin PCIe sockets.
  2. I do, yes. I'm just not certain of the plug for the power coming out of the power supply. The enermax manual has 4 different 12 plug socket-outputs. That's my confusion. The plug says 16AWG, and the socket selections are 12V6, V5, V4, and V3.
  3. Those cables should only properly fit into specific sockets on the PSU. Look closely and you should be able tell the difference.
  4. BTW, which Enermax Platimax do you have?
  5. 1200W. I was looking on the Enermax website for more info but the USA site was down :(
  6. All the cable connections are the same. From what I'm reading, it's a matter of having different 12V rails "over current protection. If you left many peripherals consume the power on only one 12V rail, it may trigger the over current protection and shut down the system." So I guess it's to make sure that you have enough power for whatever you need to plug in. Not sure what the GPU needs, V3, 4, 5 or V6, but perhaps it doesn't matter?
  7. http://www.ecomastertek.com/psu_epm1200ewt.php

    Go here for more, but the PCIe cables plug into any of the red sockets on the PSU. It really doesn't matter which ones you use.
  8. Thank you!
  9. You are most welcome! Good luck!!
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