GTX 295 crashes on wei need help asap

hi all

so yesterday i bought an used bfg tech gtx 295 single pcb
i installed it and installed the newest beta drivers from nvidias site

when i try to run WEI the rating gets to "direct3d 10 texture load assessment" and the screen goes black, sometimes grey, sometimes no signal

-when i let music play, i can still hear it and change songs via keyboard for another 20secs or so

-tried a few older drivers

-tried windows reinstall

-tried 2 hours furmark and occp NO ERRORS O.o

-played cod4 and nfs:u2 for a few minutes each

-temperatures are fine, 47c idle, 75 furmark

here are my other specs

PSU - SilverStone Strider 700w
cpu - athlon II x3 455 (had it unlocked to phenom ii x4 and oc to 3.6, but reset to default)
4gb ddr3 1333mhz
asrock n68-s3 ucc mobo

please help asap as i am stomped as to what could be the cause and this gpu has cost me more than i would like for a suspicious unit :/
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  1. that error is caused when you dont have the latest version of directx installed
    download and install it and you should be fine-
  2. thanks! i will try it when i get home

    still don't get it why my prevous 9800gtx+ managed to complete the assessment
  3. solved it by underclocking it to 540mhz, not very happy about it, but it runs
  4. You can also try clearing your CMOS. That has solved many issues with my RAM (MSI X58 did not recognize my 3rd RAM stick, but clearing CMOS did) and GPUs (SLI 8800GTX when they first came out and could not get SLI to work at the time) throughout the years. :)
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