New build questions.

Hey guys, I recently got a i7 920 and wanted to build a system with that.
I wanted to see if this motherboard:

..will work fine with it, especially for OC'ing. I'm pretty new to building systems and just want everything to go smooth.

Also was thinking of the following to go with it:
-GTX 560

everything else(PSU ect.) I have, I just want to know what you guys think. Thanks
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  1. It does give the impression of being aimed at getting performance from older CPU, perhaps at the expense of a slightly weak graphics card. I would recommend, at least, trying to squeeze budget to either GTX660, or HD7870. There's not a huge difference in performance between the two, and both are substantially better, than the 560, for modest extra cost.
    Have you fully considered Ivybridge? I know you can't overclock Ivybridge as agressively, but it starts with a "headstart", so you don't need to, in order to obtain good performance, apart from being 2 generations more up to date, unless you have a particular interest in the process of overclocking, itself.
  2. Well my idea was to OC the 920 since from what I heard it was easy to do so. I figured where it stands now 2.6ghz I can get it up to 3.5 at least. Better and cheaper than buying another processor.

    With the video card, I might do the 660, I really don't know. I was just going to ask if a 920 can handle a 660? I mean, can the 660 be used to it's fullest extent with that processor.
  3. I just noticed, re-reading your original post, that you'd already got the 920. Sorry about that. Yes that all won't be a problem. The new GTX660 looks to be a good performance/price point, and, yes, will work fine, with your set-up.
  4. Great thanks :)
    another question, I'm considering getting:

    will that be fine with the gtx 660 ti?
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