9800gt or better for lower power use

hy , i just got used 9800gt. And now im waiting to fit to my system. Im worried about the power consumption. What the suggestion for me or change the gpu for another
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  1. 9800gt is a decent card, but you forgot to add any info about your power supply.
  2. Your worried about power consumption but you don't even mention your power supply.............
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    You haven't yet mentioned of your PSU or of your other PC specs. Without knowing of that, we can't be sure if it'll be too much for it to handle. The card is fairly old, so a good replacement for it would be a HD 6770. It offers a bit more performance, but for little power. It costs around $100. Other than that, you could look into a HD 7750 which consumes even less power than a HD 6770, and it should be fine for a good 300-350W PSU.
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  5. Thanks for the Best Answer. :)
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