AMD turbo core not working

ive tried many clocks and cores and my fx-6100 clockrates stay the same, tried cinebench 11.5 , prime 95, intel burn, tried even playing numeroues games but the clock rate still stays the same
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  1. turbo core disables half the cores and ups the clock speed, so it stays stable under stock settings and temp with stock cooling, if it just jumped in clock speed it could be unstable and or get too hot for the stock cooler, so its not programed to do that.
  2. i have a ninja 3 cooler and (disabled 2 cores) for 4 core 4.2ghz 1.425 volts ( bad overclocker =(, and max temps with prime 95 are 55-56c and core 38-39c

    i tried the turbo core with stock settings and nothing happened
  3. Turbo core is a feature built into the cpu to activate when needed, its not an overclock setting, that cooler should do a good job at overclocking all cores, where there is no needed for turbo core. So what cpu do u have? along with other specs.
  4. CPU : fx-6100
    CPU cooler : scythe ninja 3
    mobo : N68C-GS FX
    RAM : 4 gb kingston hyperx 1600 mhz

    Case : coolermaster elite k350 with 3 case fans, mobo doesnt support more :/
  5. With the cooler u should easily get a decent overclock on all cores, but its not the best motherboard so may be restricted on how far u can get, but if u got 4.2 on 4 cores, having that is prob fine as usually only 4 cores are used, but i just never see why to deactivate perfectly fine cores lol

    So is the 4.2ghz an oc u got across the 4 cores? if so try a lower oc on six cores unless ur sure u only need the 4
  6. i would but it wont allow me to even go over 4 ghz with 6 cores... even at 1.45 volts..
  7. well i havent done much work with the fx cpu line and overclocking, id go in the overclocking section and look for advice there
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