Looking for a case!

Right now i have

But i had CoolerMaster HAF 912, I cant decide which one I want. If someone has some input on either of the cases, or if you know of a better case, Price maxes out at $80-$90. Thanks in advance!

Also heres my part list if its necessary.
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    I have a HAF 912 and I like it a lot. It's roomy, has good air flow (as the name implies), and it's a good size for me. Lots of room for expansion. Also, I have a non-modular PSU and it gives me good cable management options.

    That said, there are some negatives - it doesn't have a side window (although you can buy one from CoolerMaster), it doesn't have cable management grommets, and the interior is unpainted.

    So, if I had to buy another case, I'd probably buy this one:

    It's quite a bit more expensive but it has better cable management, good airflow, more room, USB 3.0 on the front, and an optional side window.
  2. I really like the case you suggested, Best answer. :D
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