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As most people probably know NZXT has quite a lineup of fans. They have the FZ, FX, and FN. I was wondering what each of those fans are designed for. I want it to be a case fan that can push a hefty amount of air about 20-30cm away from the fan. Now you may be wondering why so strict on the distance the fan can push air to? Because my Bitfenix Spectre Pro is kind of a static pressure fan so it doesn't blow far. I can put my hand about 10cm away from it and feel some air. When I put my hand in front of a CM Sickleflow I can definitely feel the air. It should be reasonably quiet too, not super quiet.
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  1. I think I've narrowed it down that FX and FN are the same but FX just spins faster. How would these fans compare to Corsair's AF?
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    See, I think you're getting some things confused. Do a little more research on what types of fans do what.

    The reason some fans have airflow you can feel a ways away from the fan isn't because they're more powerful - it's because they're designed to keep the air in a straight columns. In most cases you actually want the more powerful fans, but these "static pressure" fans are designed to force air through narrow gaps, and are thus ideal for putting on heatsinks and radiators.

    For a normal case fan, however, you actually DON'T want a column of air, because it's miles more likely to lead to a dead spot in your case.
  3. Wow, thanks for the airflow. I admit I was confused, that's why I came here. So between the FX (matches my case) or the Corsair AF, which one do you think is better?
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  5. the AF series are excellent fans, run nice and quiet too. They are quieter and push more air than the stock NZXT fans that came with my case
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