I need some advice on which card to get!

Hey guys, I'll skip to the point here, I have a mid level gaming PC(Q6600 Core 2 Quad running OC'D to 3Ghz per core, 3gig ram, 480 watt PSU) and I'm looking for a decent graphics card that will play BF3, MW3, black ops and other sorts of new-ish games
Currently, I'm on a budget(I live in the UK) and really am looking for a mid sorta level card, so far from what I can get, I see I can get either a EVGA GTX450 or a Sapphire HD 7750, both the 1GB models, Which should I get, or, is there any recommendations you can give me for something around the same level as those for less than 75 pounds
Thanks guys
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  1. Between those two, the 7750 is slightly better and uses half the power and doesnt require a pci e connector

    It wont perform very well in the games you stated though , what resolution are you using?
  2. 7750 is a good pick, although you can go even higher with your CPU. Maybe a 7770 if you can afford it.
  3. 7750 is good. less wattage than the gtx 450.

    here's an article that compares 7750 and gtx 450 with battlefield 3

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