Upgrading my setup

Well as the topic says, i want to upgrade, now i would really like anoyones proffesional opinion and how i could make it better, so far this is what i have so far.

Dark fleet df-30 case (Added the case i have because I want to add a water cooled system so i want to know if it would fit. One with tubing and not a simple one like a corsair one. buuuut i read its a pain and not worth it so if thats the easiest, please reccomend me a good cooler that fit my case :) )

Ati Sapphire 5770 (Want to upgrade to 660ti)

Amd Phenom ii x4 955 3.2Ghz (Going to upgrade to Amd fx x8 or Phenom ii x6. I read that the phenom is the better choice even if it has less cores)

G.SKILL Ripjaw series 4gb of ram (Upgrading to 16, but i want to know if 4 sticks would fit in all 4 slots.)

My power supply is 550w so i'm not sure if the computer can handle it.

All right so that's it for now, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you :D
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  1. For a CPU cooler the Corsair H80/H100/Nocture DF-14 are all good choices and all cool very well. I personally use the H80 and have no problem with my 2600k sitting at 4.8ghz while still under 70c load.

    For RAM why not just get 2x 8gb sticks for a total of 16gb?? This will save you space to add more RAM in the future and a headache.

    If I were you I would go with the FX 8350. A bit more pricey but it's newer tech and does perform better than an 1100t.

    As far as power supply goes I would say 550w would be more htan enough. But AMD does suck a bit more juice especially when overclocked. I would try for at least a 750W PSU
  2. budget and what do u want to upgrade exactly.
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