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Looking to buy a gaming Rig, wanted everyone's opinion wether to go in for a FX 8350 or a core I5.
Both are nearly the same amount but which one would be better if the sole purpose of the mahcine is gaming.
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  1. If your sole purpose is gaming you would be silly not to go with the i5. 2500k/3570k either one will be much better for a gaming build than an 8350. Now if you're going to do some number crunching along with gaming you may want to consider the 8350. It's a very capable gaming chip but just not on par with Sandy/Ivy when it comes to CPU dependant gaming.

    My vote i5 all the way
  2. And the graphic card paired along the i5 should be HD7870 or NVIDIA 660i ?
  3. 660ti is hands down the more powerful card. It's also a little more expensive. Really depends what features/drivers you prefer. You get more "bang for Buck" getting the 7870 because htose things overclock so dang well you could easily catch up or even surpass the erformance of the 660ti.

    It really allcomes down to what you wanna spend and what feature sets you like better
  4. It depends on the games you play.
    If you play Hitman or Dirt or Far Cry, buy the Radeon 7870
    If you play Batman, Battlefield or Assassins Creed, the GTX 660 Ti

    If i were you id buy thr GTX 660 ti with an i5
  5. If you can stretch in any way to afford it, go for the 7950. That thing has so much overclocking headroom it's not even funny, and is by FAR the best price/performance of any gaming card out there right now.
  6. Or if you can't just go with the HD 7870 XT it's faster and cheaper than the 660 Ti.
  7. What's your budget, what games will you play, and what are the other parts will you use (RAM, Mobo, PSU)?
    IMO, you'd better go with the i5 3570K and the GTX 660ti(it has that Physx feature)
  8. My config what i had decided is this :

    intel I5 3550
    Asrock H77 Pro/MVP
    Ram = 4gb * 2 DDR3 1600 MHZ
    Zotac 660Ti
    WD green HDD 2TB
  9. Also guys my monitor is a syncmaster 2033 20 inches.. the max resolution it has is 1600 * 900
    i dont have any plans to updgrade that as of now due to budget constraints.. so just wanted an opinion to go in for such a expensive GPU card ?
    or can i lower the card cause i wont be able to use such a resolution any how..
  10. you could just lower the card for a cheaper one (maybe GTX 660) but it isn't that "future-proof" just go with the 660ti, maybe your gonna get a full hd monitor in the future anyway right?
  11. What games do you play?
  12. Mostly the first person shooting and arcade types..
    not much of a online fan..
  13. Crysis? Battlefield? Hitman? Max Payne? Deus ex?
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