reformatting HDD for New Computer

I want to build a new pc ( my first try at building one) and have just ordered the components. I want to use a
HDD from Maxtor that I have already been using in another PC. It is a 15 gig drive formatted with 7 2 gig partitions and one smaller one. The drives arelettered D through K in it's present PC.

If I want to use this as my HDD is my new setup, how can I reformat (unformat, whatever the right word is?) it so I wipe it clean and get it ready for a new system? The bios in the new machine will want to see a c:



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  1. What operating system will you use?

    If it is Win98, for starter bootup with your Win98 floppy startup disk. At the A:\> prompt, type <b>FDISK</b> it will ask you if you want large disk FAT32 or something to that effect answer yes. Then choose the option to delete logical partitions (you have to do this for each partition you wish to delete). Now you will have to create a primary partition, and make it <font color=red>active</font color=red> (this will be your new C:\ drive. When done reboot again with the startup disk and at the A:\> prompt, type <b>format c: /s</b> When finished reboot with the startup disk with CD-ROM support, install Win98.

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  2. Thanks for taking the time to help me get ready to build this pc

    I have win98 on CD but I have not loaded it and do not have a win98 boot disk. The only machines I have running have win95. Also I am curious about how to get the CD drivers loaded. I will, in the end, need two different boot disks?

    I wonder what comes with the motherbaord? Do they include any sort of bootable disk? Probably a CD only with drivers and utilities?

    Thanks again,

  3. Here is a web site where you can download a <A HREF="" target="_new">boot disk</A> for your operation system. Scroll down toward the bottom for the Boot Disk downloads. The startup disk should have the option to boot up with CD-ROM support. I recommend that you test the disk after download to ensure it includes this option.

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