Antec NeoPower 550W modular PCI-E cable

Hello :)

I've recently purchased a used Antec NeoPower 550W Modular PSU but unfortunately no PCI-E cables have been supplied. It was a bargain so I don't mind too much.

It looks likely that I'll need to make a PCI-E cable or two for powering the graphics card (Zotac Nvidia GTS-250 with 8-pin power connector). I would prefer to purchase them but they do seem to be quite difficult to acquire as it seems the cables are specifically for Antec NeoPower PSU.

Steps taken so far to buy compatible PSU PCI-E cables
--- contacted seller (who is possibly a kid judging by the emails and handwriting on label). He claims he doesn't have any.
--- emailed Antec and put in a request for cables via their European store about a week ago. They have yet to contact me and as the PSU is discontinued, I'm not expecting them to contact me.
--- found some compatible cables on Ebay but they are auctions only and I might not win when I bid on them.

Here's where I hope someone can confirm or correct my current plan of action, no pun intended.

Query 1
Is the following 6-pin outlet configuration for the PSU correct?

|3.3v | GND | 5v |
| 12v | GND | 12v |

I've worked out the pin configuration from the cables I do have and a few images of the PCI-E cables I can find on the Web.

Query 2
Whether I buy or make the cable/s, to sufficiently and safely power the graphics card, what cable or cables should I use or make?

The PCI-E cables that should have been supplied with PSU were 2 x 6-pin. The graphics card has an 8-pin connector. From researching, it seems that the extra 2-pins are grounds that signal the card to draw an increased wattage from the PSU.

Will a single 6-pin plus the 2 additional grounds be sufficient to power a GTS-250?
Or should I make/use 2x6-pin cables and then connect those to a PCI-E Y-adapter to 8-pin?

I'll note here that I've seen YouTube videos where people "jump" the 2 extra ground pins and use just the one 6-pin cable. But from what I've read on some forums, some people do not recommend this as a particularly safe long-term solution.

Query 3
For using this particular PSU to power a Dual SLI setup (not applicable to me), it is advised to connect one PCI-E cable to one of the first two outlets and the second to one of the last three outlets.

If I was to make/buy 2x6-pin PCI-E cables, should I follow these guidelines for powering a single graphics card?

As I mentioned earlier, I might not have to make any cables if I win any of the auctions I'm watching but I thought I'd better get my head around doing so if I'm outbid and have no alternative. If I am going to make some cables, I just want to make sure I do it correctly.

Also, I don't have access to my volt meter thingy as I lent it to a friend along with my motherboard testing kit and he seems to have disappeared, possibly now living in the Costa del Tools.

Thanks for reading and for any advice given.
All the best :)
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  1. The PCIe cable only uses 4 of the 6 pins at the psu side
    |2x12v||2x Grnd||12v|

    These work

    Call them, they'll make you a 6+2
  2. Hello, handy info :)

    I was lucky enough to find some actual Antec cables for the PSU via an auction. Making them looks easy enough but the ones purchased are meant to be conneted to the PSU.

    I've also read that a single 6-pin can only safely carry 75W. As an 8-pin allows 150W I'm going to use the Y-Splitter with 2 x 6-pins.

    Hopefully the computer I'm building should be up and running soon.

    Thanks for replying, all the best :)
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