FX 4170k bottlenecking.. I think.

Hey guys so apparently i think my FX4170k is bottlenecking my system which is depressing... but at the time was some what of a budget build... Ill show you the list with my new upgrades. Games i play are Bo2, WoW, Diablo, LoL, and Skyrim. Not the most graphic intense games but still at low and medium i have problems.

CPU AMD 4170k
CPU Cooler H100 Corsair
MEMORY Corsair 1866mhz 8gb Vengeance (i just order 2 more dims for a total of 16GB)
128gb SSD M4 Crucial
HDD 2TB Seagate
650W PSU
GPU 7850 ASUS directuII

System is overclocked currently at 5.3ghz and has been that way for about 5 months no issues. But i feel that the extra cores will help my internet browsing and gaming. Especially having tons of tabs open. I know intel is the way to go but i didnt want to do a full new build. Anyways i think with the AMD 8350FX it will run very smooth and fast. Plus i will be trying to OC it when it arrives! :bounce:
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  1. something's not right here, granted 4170 is not one of AMD's best efforts, but at 5.3 it is not supposed to Botteneck a 7850....no way. not to mention you saying that it's making you play at low and medium??

    why do you think it's bottle necking?
  2. In terms of performance, you should be fine but you probably are still pretty hurt in single thread performance. But you really should be fine, if you upgrade however to a modern Vishera processor you'll notice a difference in FPS.
    I think you should wait though - if you can just hold on, Steamroller next year (if by some grace of God, it still launches) will be an amazing new arch. refresh and offer much better single thread performance over Vishera & Zambezi, which will make for better game performance.
  3. Yea you got it at 5.3 it should be pretty zippy at that OC. If not you could jump on a 6300/8320 or wait for steamroller
  4. I honestly have no clue... The way games load, for example call of duty, it loads at 60 fps and goes down to 1 and by the time I join there's been about 2-3 people killed. Really annoying. But I ordered a 8350fx and more ram so, ill check back in in 2-3 days
  5. Ouch, you should have read the recent Tom's bottlenecking article first!

    They tested a FX8350 and it bottlenecked bad on some games, however on many others it was ok. Example: an i7-3770K pulled 122fps on Skyrim, the FX8350 was way back at 58fps (both tested with two Radeon 7970's, ultra detail - 1080p).

    They also OC'd, it nicely boosted the i7 fps. But resulted in pretty much squat on the FX.

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