9800GT Upgrade

Hey , I've recently upgraded my build with a 3570K , 8GB DDR3 and have got a 600 watt PSU.

Now i am looking to upgrade my GPU to something better for gaming , i play games such as BF3 and Skyrim.

My budget is around £200 and i was wondering what would be a good option within my budget.

Thanks :)
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  1. i was considering either that or waiting for the 660/660ti
  2. I'd wait for the gtx 660ti benchmark before getting a new GPU in that price range.
    Nvidia state that the 660ti will have performance above a GTX580, so the gtx660ti should be place between the 7870 and 7950. That's why I'd wait for official benchmark.
  3. ^ +1
  4. Tweaktown as some benchmark of a gtx660ti : http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/4869/nvidia_geforce_gtx_660_ti_2gb_reference_video_card_review/index1.html


    It's hard to fault NVIDIA's upcoming GEFORCE GTX 660 Ti and for good reason. You're talking about a video card that is rumored to hit at the mid-$200 range yet performs like a video card priced $100 more. In this case we're talking about the HD 7950 specifically. You could argue that it can be compared against the more expensive HD 7970 at times, too.
  5. Thanks for the replies :)

    It looks like waiting is going to be my best bet for now , most likely be getting a 660 a think
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