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quad core x4 phemon 965 8GB DDR3 XFX 7850 750 PSU but my mobo is supported for a3+ mean i could upgrade later for 8 cores

-will it last longer for next 2 years because last year i upgraded my system to quad core, new MOBO, DDR3 RAM 2 weeks ago upgraded to new video card 7850
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  1. Good enough for gaming. I'm not sure about 2 years, but when that time passes, some newer generation processors will have been released which you can save up money for easily. But you're definitely good to go as of right now, for at least another year, probably longer. Oh all that I said here applies to the processor. If you just upgraded mobo and RAM, then those should be fine for a nice long while, assuming you got some quality hardware that is.
  2. yeah like i said PSU is 750 and good enough
    mobo is supported to 8 cores and i can upgrade anytime
    -i can upgrade to crossfire when time comes
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