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OLD and NEW generation card's

Hi guys !

Im having a hard time buying my PC.

Till now bought only this.

G.Skill 1600 Mhz 2x4Gb
CPU will be I3 or I5
Psu Is Silverstone ST750W or Corsair TX 650 V2
Mobo : not yet but will be SLI/CF for sure (depends on GPU)

Its GPU turn and its up to this :

GTX 275 EVGA (USED) for 70-100$
GT 9800 512MB Zotac (NEW) 50 -80$
Gtx 460 1GB EVGA (USED) 70-100$
Hd 7770 Sapphire (NEW) 150$

So what to get ?

I dont care about ULTRA settings . Medium - High - Ultra whatever just to game normally w/o lag.

Ill be playing BF3 /MW3 / NFSMW 2/Prototype 2/Sniper Ghost 2/ and etc mostly action and racing.

I watched some youtube videos and the 9800gt was doing pretty good.

Thank you in advance
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  1. If you can find a gtx460 1gb for $70 go for it. Forget the 9800gt and the gtx275. Also the 7770 is not a good card when it comes to price/performance, if you want new go for a 6850 instead.
  2. Trololollol i was trying to kill that BUG wtf nice signature :D

    If i get the gtx 460 eve cheaper i go for it right ?

    The HD 6850 is 160$ -.- new
  3. The GTX 460 is about the same as a 6850, so it's a great bargain for that price. The GTX 460 is a classic of the Fermi generation known for really good overclocking capabilities and cool/quiet operation.
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    GTX 460 is a solid buy for under $100, Im still using mine (768mb version) and it plays BF3 pretty well (~50fps)
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  6. Nice spartanmk2 thats all i wanted to know !

    I contacted the seller and ill buy it .Its 2 months used and never OC'ed.

    Thnak you all

    The chart above gives you the ranking of video cards compareing Nvidia and AMD in order from best to worse.From the choices that you listed the GTX 460 is the best option and being used you must be getting that from e-bay. The 9800GT might be ok but it only has 512mb of video ram and on the chart is four levels below the 460.
    The GTX 275 would be the next best but that is also used and I would be tempted to say that the HD 7770 would be better that the 275 since it is in new condition.
    Do you have any other cards to choose from?
  8. Oh guys i found smthing imba. A 6950 1 week used. He won it from newegg and now he sells it for 190 + shipping . I pay him now b4 its to latE?

    Edit: Its all from ebay. The only site where i can ship from :S

    And forgot to mention . All the cards end within 1 day and 3 hrs meanwhile gtx 460 end's in 6 days.

    What about the HD 6950 ?
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