Samsung syncmaster b1630 blinking what is the problem

hi iam having samsung syncmaster B1630 lcd monitor which is connected to system having nvidia Geforce 8400GS graphics card.sometimes the monitor blinks (i.e screen off for second and come back but not power only display).i reinstalled os and also installed updated display drivers.i am using the monitor for 2 years just last weak the problem occurs.pls help me to solve this problem.Thanks in advance........
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  1. Check the monitor with another system, if it does the same thing, replace the monitor. Also try a different monitor with your computer, if it does the same thing, issue is probably with the video card.
  2. I have a Samsung monitor that does the same thing. Something with the VGA DVI detection. Been that way since I got it. I found it's when I leave the monitor powered on for a while. Doesn't happen all the time and only at boot up. A simple power off and on of the monitor corrects it. Wasn't a big issue for me so I never bitched to Samsung.
  3. It is only the Graphics card i have graphics card the monitor keep blinks and it is really disturbing while playing some games when i change it is the monitor stops blinking so maybe the graphics card is the problem
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