I5-3570K with Z77 CHipset or i7-3770 with B75 CHipset

Hi everyone.... doing some new system price for our company ...and find out the price for i7-3770 with B75 Chipset is only $20- $30 more than i5-3570K with Z77 Chipset ( basic )...

The most different is one can overclock (Z77 + i5-3570K) ..another one cannot...

But I think i7-3770 with B75 Chipset still way faster than i5-3570K (even i5 OC to 4.5Ghz)

and i7-3770 is 4 Core 8 Thread while i5 is only 4 Core 4 Thread

So if two system price is close enough will people go for i7 not clock version with B75 or i5 Clock version with Z77 chipset..
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  1. depends if you are using things that are processor intensive, then the i7 with the b75 would probably be better. most "business" programs will benefit from the i7.
  2. 3570k and H77 to overclock as B75 don't support overclock and an I5 at 4.4+ frequency will be as fast as an i7 3770 (at stock 3.4ghz speed) in rendering and faster for gaming due to the higher clock... (a friend runs a 3570k 4.5ghz and get the same score in cinebench than me when my 3770k (3.5ghz) was at stock speed 7.91 for mine and 7.68 for is I5...)

    You can expect an overclock to as high as 4.9-5 ghz with a good cooler and Motherboard (you need at least a 150$ one to have such a high overclock)

    I use a MSI Z77A-G45 (120$ in rebate) and i can achieve a 4.83ghz 24/7 on my i7 3770k at 105*46 and 1.35V Vcore and Max overclock of 4.99ghz with 1.45V (104*48) however the heat bring me back to the 4.8 range as i don't have a really high-end cooler (Noctua NHU12P SE2) and temps reach 80 celsius at 4.83 when 105C is reached in 1 sec at 4.99ghz when running Prime 95 and PC Throttle then shutdown in 10sec to protect the CPU

    As the Voltage add so much heat for only a little mhz more, i scale back to run it way longer but i think of getting an H100i or the new H220 to go to the 5ghz mark... when you start overclocking, you always want more !!!
  3. so are you mean if not process intensive and for just $20 Less you will go for i5-3570K with Z77 Chipset...instead of i7-3770 with B75?

    The major question is ..... is OC that important while you can almost get the same performance or even better without OC for the similar price range..
  4. Yes, overclock will bring more performance in games...

    I7 is faster if you ALWAYS use more than 4 cores (mostly only when rendering higly cpu intensive stuff), if not the I5 with higher clock speed will destroy the I7 (ex: gaming) and is almost equal to it with a "standard" overclock of 4.5-4.6ghz in the other scenario (video rendering in perticular)

    PS: the 2 at stock clock will run anything you'll throw at it anyway...
  5. i5 if you are only gaming and i7 for video editing.
  6. What are u using the computer for?
    if it is for gaming, then the i5+Z77 is ok cos it is cheaper and more overclockable (an overclocked i5 could beat an i7) and the graphics card also matters.
  7. Really cannot find some benchmark with similar setting for these two....
    But in general

    Intel 3770 Not OC is around 8260 in 3D Mark Score
    Intel 3570K Not OC is around 6400 in 3D Mark Score

    So if overclock 3570K 30% it may similar to the i7-3770 without overclock..

    also another benchmark...Passmark ( I know someone may not like this one)
    For i5-3570K (@3.4Ghz ) - 7138 ( 923 sample)
    For i7-3770 (@3.4Ghz ) - 9478 ( 760 sample)

    for i5-3570K Overclock - 8445 (737 Sample - means 737 Oveclock User's Benchmark) Still lower than 3770 (Not OC)..

    Someone may able to Overclock to5Ghz but in general Most people OC to 4.4Ghz - to 4.5Ghz easily...on i5-3570K

    But the advantage is I don't need to take the risk of CPU over Heart..or over voltage... just set it as regular I already get very good performance.

    and also the Z777 Chipset MB I choose is just basic $109 one... for better overclock people may want to spend another $50 on MB and also another $30-$70 on the cooling fan....so is it worth...? For me I don't think so...

    i7-3770 with B75 chipset should be better setting than i5-K version with Z77 chipset if price is similar...

    Also lot of people will say "i5 if you are only gaming and i7 for video editing"... but is it should be "i5 if you are only gaming and i7 for video editing AND gaming "
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