Sapphire vs His 7750

i really want to upgrade my onboard 3450 to a 7750 since i only have a 300W PSU i chose the 7750
which one of these two cards will occupy less space in my case, since size is an issue
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  1. My guess is on the his one, however sapphire is in the process of releasing a new low profile 7750 if you want to wait a few days.
  2. the sapphires cards dimensions
    170(L)x105(W)x43(H) mm Size.

    the gigabytes dimensions
    7.13" x 4.8" x 1.34"

    let me convert that and:

    sapphires dimensions in inches:
    6.69" x 4.13" x 1.69

    the sapphire card is shorter, but slightly thicker
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