430 PSU and Radeon 7850

Hey guys, I have a question regarding if my power supply is enough to install a 2gb Radeon 7850.

Right now I have 4 fans, one hdd, one optical drive, and the core i5 ivy bridge. I've been getting by with the HD integrated graphics but feel it's time to upgrade!

This is my current power supply:

I know that AMD recommends a 500w power supply on their website, but I was thinking that as long as I don't worry about crossfire I would be okay. If not, what are some good recommended graphics cards (preferably under $200) that I could get with this psu? I'd mostly be using it for playing games.
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  1. 7800 series use low power and it should be ok but beside go for 7750 if it not running well
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    Corsair CX430 V2 will well handle the HD 7850. The hd 7850 use only ~106W. Check the links
    For CX430 V2

    For HD 7850,7.html
  3. what brand 7850 some required 2-6 pin plug
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