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Hello, may I ask which one is advisable to use? the AMD or Intel core i5? I am about to assemble a computer, but I don't know what"s best thing to know about comp.., I just need a fast performance and high quality, because i just need it for Photoshop, coreldraw, microsoft office, movie maker, watching movies, and other staffs, but not much in games maybe nba 2K13 only.
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    Go with an i5-3470, and grab a GT 640 graphics card, which will help with all that stuff.
  2. An A10 5800k would do for the graphics but for processing power for editing etc it may not be the best, id say either the mentioned above or a fx 6300 and 7770 or 640 gt, reason for the fx is the higher core count, but the i5 is a great way to go
  3. Alright thanks! guys!

    Processor: i5-3470

    how about this specs? does this things compatible to each other? 'coz
    i really don't know.. I'm not that good when it comes to specs of a hardware :) hope you guys can help me out, thank you so much.

    Motherboard: which one is best? or you can suggest better guys' just let me know.. Asus P8Z77-M OR MSI H77MA-G43 VSL/ddr3/usb3

    Memory: G.Skill RipJaws 8gb 1600 (12800CL9D) 2x4
    Graphics card: Asus HD7770 DC 1gb Ddr5 128bit
    Hard Drive: 500gb WDigital Green 64mb Sata3
    Power supply: FSP AURUM Series 80+ GOLD (500w)
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