Good cpu cooler for AMD FX-8150 + high profile ram

Recently been having issues with the CPU temp. The pc will just shut down and my CPU is insanely hot. I've just installed 2 new 120mm case fans, one in and one out which helped some but I think i might have set the CPU wrong or something because even after applying new paste and wiping off the old one with rubbing alcohol, the CPU is still getting immensly hot.

The problem might stem from the fact I once tried to put the cpu chip in backwards and got paste all over the plastic socket for the motherboard and the pin got bent. However the pin was put back into place and I am certain the chip sat down correctly.. however now my pc starts at around 105~ F degrees which is a little hot.

I need someone to suggest a good cooler less than 60~ preferably that won't interfere with my high profile ram. Also, should i just buy i need to buy 2 more fans. I think my case allows 120 and 140 mm. Should I replace the stock fans that came or should I just get new ones for the two empty case fan slots?

Mobo: Asus m5a97
gpu: gtx 660ti
cpu: amd fx-8150
case: CM 690
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