Confusion about Intel HD Graphics 4000: Mobile vs. non-Mobile.


Is there a difference between Intel HD Graphics 4000 on a desktop and a laptop when both machines are equiped with the same i5, 3rd gen Core processor, and specifiy "Intel HD Graphics 4000"?
I thought it was all the same: the integrated GPU (as Intel HD Graphics 4000) is part of the i5 or i7 3rd gen processor. There is no discrete GPU card.

Question stems from a review I read, whjich also listed an 'Intel-HD-Graphics 4000 Mobile'.

When I review a desktop or laptop machine, and it only specifies "Intel HD Graphics 4000", do I have to determine if that designation implies the "Integrated" version, or is there a physical discrete external card version? How can I know?
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  1. Typically mobile parts will run at lower voltages for power consumption reasons, and that may have some impact on performance, but I think for the most part, the distinction is purely for marketing and legal reasons. The two parts are not exactly the same, so they have to have different names. They should all sport the same feature set, roughly the same performance, etc.
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