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Cpu upgrade or add a gpu?

Hello everyone, I had a quick question I can't decide on.

okay so I have an I5 2320 processor @ 3.3ghz, and a Radeon hd 6950 unlocked to 6970 shaders, and what I was wondering if I were to upgrade my cpu to the i5 2500k to overclock, would that be better for my build? or should I get an additional 6950 to crossfire? I have about 200$ so I will get either one, I'm just not sure, I would really like to get the 2500k to overclock and make my pc that much better :) on the other hand, an additional 6950 would be quite a boost in games (I assume) I'm just not sure lol :D any comments, suggestions, would be greatly appreciated :) I will post my setup below for other references :sol:

My specs:
Intel core i5 2320 @ 3.00ghz (Turbo) 3.3ghz
MSI Radeon hd 6950 twin frozr III power edition 1gb (shaders unlocked to 6970's)
16 gb viper Patriot memory @ 1866mhz
650 watt (green) antec psu
Asrock z75 pro 3 motherboard
intel 510 series 120gb ssd
3 seagate 7200rpm drives 250gb, 500gb, & 1tb (all for storage for games and such)
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  1. P.S. I'm running on a 1920x1080 monitor. :P
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    Your GPU is still powerful so going with the CPU upgrade makes more sense. + your second slot on the Z75 board only supports X4 speed and really is not recommended.
  3. Wow, I'm glad I posted this, I wasn't aware of the speed on the second slot :o thank you very much :D one more quick question, Do you think there will be a slight notcieable difference in the cpu upgrade, as in gaming and general speed of the pc? (I do plan to overclock the cpu to it's full potential :)
  4. In some games there will be a difference but mostly in multitasking. Overclocking will speed things more.
  5. Again, thank you very much rolli, I see you have answered alot of my questions :) and I am thankful for ya' :D pleasure doin' business with ya haha :)
  6. Probably exchange your CPU for Ivy bridge i5 3570K and GPU for GTX 6xx, you will get an upgrade at lesser than $100, in fact, exchange your z75 for z77, again, a good deal in all aspect.
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